Kingdom Animal/Beast: PhoenixEdit

Family RulingsEdit

1st FamilyEdit

Current Monarch: Isabel

Future Monarch: Yua

Royal Children: 2, Natsuko and Yua

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No

2nd FamilyEdit

Current Monarch: Tarea

Future Monarch: Danica

Royal Children: 1, Danica

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No

3rd FamilyEdit

Current Monarch: Beau

Future Monarch: Lu

Royal Children: 3, Salem, Lu and Cinder

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No

4th FamilyEdit

Current Monarch: Sarah

Future Monarch: Rowen

Royal Children: 1, Rowen

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No


The 2nd Kingdom is home to the largest academy that even other kingdoms send their children. (Ages 4-26)

Level of ImportanceEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Since they pride themselves on knowledge, most of them pursue a teaching or medical career. (They don't accept money for their services).


In the 2nd kingdom money does not have any value. If you would like something from a shop, the payment would simply be knowledge. Give them information that is useful and what ever you came for is yours. They'd rather get information than a paycheck.


  • They consider sarcasm a way of showing interest in a potential partner (especially their teens).
  • They usually look for logical partners.
  • If a seconder is mean to you, it means they really like you.


  • The 2nd Kingdom has 4 ruling families that run different parts of their kingdom. It's said they are all from the same ancient bloodline.
  • They greatly value one's I.Q.. If the current monarch doesn't see their eldest as having a high enough I.Q., they will choose a younger sibling instead.
  • The 2nd kingdom is known as the "boiling pot" of the mystic world.
  • Simplicity is almost a rule.
  • You're expected to behave like an adult by the age of 13.
  • Every citizen is considered equal. Despite gender or beliefs.
  • They all hate mermaids.

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