Kingdom Animal/Beast: MermaidsEdit

Family RulingsEdit

Current Monarch: Neptune

Future Monarch(s): Vellamo and Calypso

Royal Children: 2, Vellamo and Calypso

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No


School isn't very important to them. Once they learn basic math, they often drop out.

Level of ImportanceEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Whatever will make you rich. The only legit job available is being a fisherman.


Gold and precious gems are the main currency for the privileged, but the commoners use steel coins and bartering.


  • The girls are the one who court the boys and mollycoddle them.
  • Boys from the 4th prefer thicker/curvier girls over skinny ones.
  • The easiest way to get next to the one they want is to bake them a fancy cake.


  • The 4th Kingdom have a special drink called "Red Foam." It's a fizzy, spicy drink and most outsiders hate it.
  • Thanks to a spell made by the 4th kingdom, same sex couples can have their own blood related child. The only side effect is the child is born/created with dark blue hair (which is normal). Only few with certain strong bloodlines would turn on the trademarked blue hair. As an example, oracles are able to override the blue hair.
  • The 4th kingdom has one of the highest crime rates (they're a pirate kingdom).

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