Kingdom Animal/Beast: RavenEdit

Family RulingsEdit

Current Monarch: Vesuvius

Future Monarch: Undecided

Royal Children: 3, Hakan, Hari and Amika

Warriors: Yes 50/50 No


School is a must. Some, like Amika, do independent studies.

Level of ImportanceEdit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


Military, seamstress, weaponry, and business owner are the most common jobs.


Gold and precious gems are the main currency for the privileged, but the commoners use steel coins and bartering.


  • Kids are allowed to date freely until the age of 15. Your husband or wife is chosen for you by your parents.
  • If you marry a Ravenloc who is the queen, you must take her last name.



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Some 6th kingdom trends for the ladies:

  • Little girls, 5 to 11: Are generally wearing white dresses or rompers and have their hair in a up-down do full of curls. This style has reigned supreme since Kai dressed Amika so.
  • Teen girls, 12-16: Tend to dress like their favorite royals with their own twists added. braids or a dyed streak are all the rage at the moment. The ones that wear make up tend to do a bold eye and nude lip combo.
  • Y.A., 17-26: Like the men’s fashion, deep v-necks are the main style. However, body jewels, dark lip-paint, and custom form fitting dresses/tailored suits are in very high demand for these ladies.
  • 30+: Tend to dress in more plain attire (not so flashy), but are still into the fashion scene.

Over all, they wear what they want when they want to and they don’t judge each other for it.



  • Birth order has nothing to do with becoming the next queen or king. The future monarch is chosen by which child is the most powerful.
  • The sixth kingdom is full of dark elves, they make up 40% of the population there and they hold a good number of seats in the sixth kingdom senate.
  • Almost everyone in the 6th kingdom is bisexual.

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