Majority of the teenage commoners live totally normal lives (hanging out, dating, school, shopping, etc.), however, the noble bloods and the royal’s do not (they have obligations).

Royal children don't even attend class with the commoners so it's highly unlikely they'd befriend them, unless they grew up around them (the children of maids, butlers, gardeners, chiefs, etc.). Dating a commoner (for a royal) is simply out of the question in most the kingdoms (it's fairly common in the 2nd and 5th kingdom). Not only is there social class issues, ulterior motives, and loyalty to ones family but the danger involved in it for both parties (i.e., someone could take the boyfriend/girlfriend for ransom ad/or the prince/princess). There are a few loop holes:

Dating mortals: Mortals are not seen as commoners and Queen Isabella is married to one who is beloved by the 2nd (so one can argue that).

Line of Succession: There's more leniency for those who won't be the future monarch.

Social Class Elevation: becoming a nobleman/noblewoman through knighthood. The academy of knights is the hardest school to get in to (even harder to graduate) but it is open to applicants of all walks of life, birth rights count for nothing (they could care less if your father was a knight or your mother was a Queen). If one enters and graduates from the academy, they are elevated to noble-bloods. Noble bloods can date/marry royals.

The general laws are:

  • No black magic. If one is to get too many black marks the council will send the black knights to execute them.
  • Limited to no magic should be used in the presence of mortals.

other than those two it varies from kingdom to kingdom, region to region, and town to town. For example stealing from a shop in the 4th kingdom will get you hanged or have a hand chomped off, but stealing in the 2nd you will be brought to the 4 families and they will try to reform you.

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