Eric Lamboglia
Ava Eric and Jen
Ava (top left; age 5), Eric (bottom left; age 26) and Jen (right; age 30)
Title N/a
Age 36
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Status Married, Jen
Relatives Ava (Daughter)

Dori (Niece)

Ethnicity South African
Species Human
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Eric is a major sports enthusiast that works a lot to make sure Ava can have everything he never had growing up. He has a hard time relating/talking to Ava now that she’s not his little tomboy anymore so they don’t talk much now. He may have a heart attack if he knew his baby was dating Toni’s kid (it’s not Neko, its Toni) and his idea of fun is fishing or golfing. Generally he’s your run of the mill good kinda boring and strict dad.


  • Jen is older than Eric and had a tendency to scold him when they were first dating.