Falon Fink
Title Princess
Age 9
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom The Red Isle
Status Single
Relatives Ariel (Grandfather, deceased)

Pethra (Grandmother)

Dušan (Father)

Pele (Mother)

Trinity (Sister)

Vesuvius (Uncle)

Kai (Aunt)

Hakan (Cousin)

Hari (Cousin)

Amika (Cousin)

Miakoda (Aunt)

Folami (Cousin)

Species Half Vampire

Elf, Dark

Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

Falon is a fangless, half vampire who takes after Dušan's appearance and seems to be normal. She does not drink blood and doesn't "smell of death" like other vampires.

She's very quiet and usually expresses her wants and needs through different grunts or sighs. She will only say a couple of words when expressing gratitude, such as "Thank you." She is afraid of the dark, so she usually wants to sleep in the same coffin as her sister, Trinity.

Falon is a daddy's girl, though is rarely seen away from her mother's side. Due to this, she is considered Pele's "doll".


  • Falon enjoys humming the songs of The Red Isle.
  • Falon enjoys collecting monster dolls.
  • Falon loves arachnids as much as her mother, Pele, does.