Jasmine Abrams
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Title Student, High School
Age 16
Height 4'11"
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Status Engaged, Lee
Relatives Jade (Mother)

Madison (Sister)

Ethnicity Filipino, French
Species Human
Aliases Jas, Honey Bunny, Fuzzy Bunny
First Appearance N/a

Jasmine loves sweet lolita fashion and hearts. She is super shy around strangers, but tries not to show it. She and Lee have been dating for a year now.

Jas is fine with her body as is but, she's not very comfortable with her breasts still developing, and does her best to cover up.

The only complaints Jasmine has about her height are not being to reach the top shelf at the grocery store, as well as her mother, and many people prejudge her age.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Pink, tea parties, perfume and puppies

Dislikes: Boyish things and pants


  • Jasmine has 4 dwarf rabbits.
  • Jasmine buys--and secretly wears--lingerie.
  • Jasmine is ambidextrous.
  • Jasmine saw here mother getting abused by her boyfriend when she was younger so she started to not trust men in general. Her opinion only changed when she met (and got to know) Neko and Lee.