Lynn Mewe
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Title Princess
Age 17
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom 5th
Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Father

Citra (Mother)

Andrew (Brother

James (Brother)

Corey (Sister)

Brandy (Sister)

Noel (Brother)

Jewel (Sister)

Species Felis Catus
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a


Lynn has caramel mixed black hair that reaches to her knees, a black tail, pale skin and lime green, oval-shaped eyes.


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Lynn and Bew

  • Bew (Lynn's cat) is her "live-in friend" who likes being the center of Lynn's universe. She's even able to have full conversations with him.
  • Lynn is bisexual.
  • Lynn still hasn't outgrown her tummy rubbing phase and often wears crop tops to "advertise" for Amika when she comes over, seeing as no one else will do it.
  • No one is able to understand why, but Lynn likes to walk around on the tip of her toes. Fortunately, due to her cat-like genetics, it doesn't strain the muscles in her legs.
  • Lynn is everyone's friend. She doesn't care about looks, status, or personality. If you need a friend, she's that person.
  • Bew is the only mortal cat in the realm (he was technically stolen by Lynn who felt bad that he got locked out of the house).