Miakoda White-Fang
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Title High Council Member
Age N/a
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Female
Kingdom N/a
Status Married
Relatives Rune (Father)

Noelani (Mother, deceased)

Kai (Sister)

Folami (Daughter)

Vesuvius (Brother-in-law)

Hakan (Nephew)

Hari (Nephew)

Amika (Niece)

Dušan (Brother-in-law)

Pele (Sister-in-law)

Trinity (Niece)

Falon (Niece)

Species N/a
Aliases Mia
First Appearance N/a

Being a necromancer, high Council member, midwife, and a shaman, Miakoda is very busy woman. Do to her line of work, she has a blasé attitude about almost everything.



Miakoda and Kai are very close siblings, in fact, they share almost everything with one another. As teens, Mia and Kai would run their father's "shop". Although Miakoda is very busy with her duties on the council, she pops in often to make sure Kai and her kids are doing okay and that Vesuvius knows she still has an eye on him.


  • Miakoda is the elder sister of Kai.