Prince Rowen
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Title Prince
Age 30
Height N/a
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Kingdom 2nd
Status Married, Galax
Relatives Cenric (Uncle)

Steven (Cousin)

Don Yates (Parent-in-Law)

Oni Yates (Parent-in-Law)

Stormy (Sister-in-law)

Misha (Sister-in-law)

Sasha (Sister-in-law)

Darla (Sister-in-law)

Bela (Sister-in-law)

Bael (Sister-in-law)

Blae (Sister-in-law)

Chervil (Sister-in-law)

Sanaa (Sister-in-law)

Species N/a
Aliases N/a
First Appearance N/a

At 30, he is the oldest prince but that is soon to change since his ascension ceremony is to be held with a few months. Rowen is happily married to Sanaa's eldest sister, his high-school sweetheart, Galax. He is also Lord Cenric's Nephew and Steven's older cousin (he knows of Steven and he doesn't understand how his uncle could leave his child).

Although he is not involved much in the story, he is widely renown for helping stop a major up raising 13 years ago in the 4th kingdom, which resulted in the loss of sight in one eye and the scar across his face.