Steven Valeska
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Title Student, High School
Age 15
Height 6'4" (193 cm)
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Status Single
Relatives Cenric (Father)

Bret (Step-Father)

Kayla (Mother)

Rowen (Cousin)

Evana (Step-Sister)

Ethnicity Scottish
Species Half Human

Half Elf, Light; Dark; High

Aliases Stevie, Beanstalk
First Appearance Chapter 1

Steven doesn't know much about the mystic realm, seeing as he was raised in the mortal realm. His mother, Kayla, wanted him to be as normal as possible.

Unlike other mystics, he doesn't know how to use magic.


Steven has clashed genes with 3 different kinds of mystic elves (light, dark and high) and of a human. His eye color is mixed from his fathers and his mother's, which makes a bold green. His hair is a vibrant red which is in loose curls and pointed ears.

He has the option of wearing contacts, but prefers to wear his glasses instead. But he keeps contacts for emergencies.

His mom always kept his hair long so not to many people noticed his pointed ears.

When he was younger, Kayla would take him to get a potion that made his hair a more natural color. As he got older he just embraced it despite his mothers protest.

He gets questioned about his hair all the time but it's mostly "how do you get your hair so red?"


Steven is a carefree guy that's into romance. He doesn't seem to have many close friends, but he's very popular and well known around school.

Steven likes getting mani-pedi's (he hates dirty or ragged nails) but he'll only go if his mom asks him to join her.



Steven has never "met" his father (he doesn't remember). He knows nothing about him other than his last name, but Cenric has always kept an eye on his son. He'd even give Kayla a break when she was really worn out and would take care of baby Steven while she slept. Sort of a "shhh, little one. Your mother needs to rest", feeding/changing diapers kind of thing.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Photography, poetry, art and mani-pedi's

Dislikes: Rainy days



Steven with his hamster.

  • Steven has a teddy bear hamster.
  • Steven doesn't know he has noble blood running through his veins.