Tyson Ru
Title Medical Student
Age N/a
Height 5'4"
Weight N/a
Gender Male
Status N/a
Relatives Terence (Father)

Lauren (Mother, deceased)

Lance (Brother)

Trent (Brother)

Lee (Brother)

Guinevere (Cousin)

Ethnicity Irish
Species Human
Aliases Ty
First Appearance N/a

Tyson is always trying to convince Trent and Lee into joining the medical field because "it's a family thing!".


Tyson is a man with below average height. Tyson has short, dark/dirty blond hair and brown eyes. He has a strong jaw along with a pointy chin and some stubble. He wears a pair of thin rimmed glasses and has a rather odd sense of style. Funny, goofy socks and ill-fitted clothing is what attire he usually wears, has he shows no particular interest in styles of clothing.


Tyson is happy-go-lucky and forgetful. Tyson is far more clumsy and nonchalant than his father, and many find it a miracle and a scare that he has found himself into medical school.

Likes & DislikesEdit

Likes: Earth tones, model ships and bone structure

Dislikes: ???


  • Tyson has an obsession with skeletons, people's bone structure and model ships.
  • Tyson likes to drink his coffee black.